Terms & Conditions

We would advise you to give a thorough read to Elitefunds terms and conditions as set out in this document.

In these Terms and Conditions, our customers shall be referred to as the “customers,” “users,” “members,” “account-holders,” “traders,” “he,” “she,” “them,” “it,” either in plural or singular forms. Similarly, Elitefunds shall be referred to as “Elitefunds”, “broker,” “brokerage service provider,” “trading platform,” “trade facilitator,” “us,” and “we” in the document.

Terms of Rendering Brokerage Services

You hereby consent and undertake that by using our services, including our facilities such as tools, resources, and features, you shall abide by these Terms and Conditions. The provisions as contained in these Terms and Conditions are transparent and clear from any ambiguities. Each of the Terms and Conditions is legally binding and enforceable upon the customer and Elitefunds as an agreement duly entered into between the parties. You are entitled to use our services and utilize our facilities subject to the condition that you have unconditionally accepted to comply with these Terms & Conditions.

In case you do not agree to the following Terms and Conditions, then you have the right to stop using/utilizing our services/facilities and part ways with us. But in case you are interested in becoming one of our members, then make sure to read all of the Terms and Conditions and then proceed with the signup process. We may, however, inform you that we reserve the right to modify, change, alter, or delete any provision within the Terms and Conditions wholly or partly without giving you notice.

Restricted Use of Our Platform

We operate and offer our services in several states, and our services have been rendered strictly in accordance with the relevant laws of the respective country. In some states, the laws restrict users from accessing brokerage services generally or in particular. In these states, we cannot offer services, and hence we are legally debarred from facilitating potential customers from that state. Neither you nor anyone can demand us to render our services in such states if the restriction has been put in place after signing up with us.

In case someone from the restricted access area is using our services by any means, including through virtual private networks, then the person shall be solely responsible for his/her actions.

Access to Information

We are a lawful business involved in the delivery of brokerage services globally and facilitating global traders in CFD trading. For the purposes of doing business, we have established a website, and on that website, there is professionally drafted, designed, and organized content in written, visual and audio formats. For all intents and purposes, the content as a whole or any part thereof shall always be treated as information only. In addition, by law, we can be restricted from providing this information in certain areas. In such a situation, we reserve the right to remove the information, particularly with regard to such areas, in our effort to comply with the laws.

Professional Advice

As explained above, the content of our website as a whole or any part of it is nothing but information meant for the purposes of information only. No one is entitled to or authorized under any pretext, law, or guidelines to think that the information is ‘advice’ or ‘financial advice. It would be wrong to assume that the information is advice and hence any consequences arising out of that so-called advice are to be borne by the person who has made the wrong assumption.

Intellectual Copyrights

Whatever has been provided and offered by us to our customers as information and as a facility, like resources, tools, and features, are exclusively owned and possessed by Elitefunds. Under the law, our platform, our services as well as our tools are properties and their usage rights as duly protected under registered copyrights. No one except Elitefunds is authorized to use them without our permission for personal use or for commercial purposes. Similarly, no one is entitled to sell them or lend them or sublet them to anyone without our permission. If any user is found using them without our permission, we reserve the right to initiate legal proceedings and claim damages.

Third-Party Resources

Being a service provider, we remain at the forefront in all matters concerning the delivery of our services. However, our services are incomplete without the help of our affiliates which are third parties working for us and helping us in providing solutions to our customers through us. While agreeing with these Terms and Conditions, you further agree to the condition that you may or may not be utilizing the resources of our affiliates. In case you do, then you confirm that you shall not hold us responsible if, while using the affiliate’s resources, you have encountered a loss or theft, or scam.

It is entirely at your discretion whether you want to use third-party resources or not. We cannot force you or convince you to use their resources because our scope is limited to the services that we offer only.

3rd Party Links

In case someone within the affiliates has given you a website link to visit a particular page, then we are not responsible for your action or inaction. Similarly, if you have followed the link and loss or damage has been caused, then the dispute is not our concern.

Voiding Warranties

Under the law and as per standard operating practice and procedure, we can guarantee you profits. Similarly, if there is a loss, then we cannot warranty your compensation against the same.

Elitefunds Liabilities

Our liabilities are limited and only pertain to the services we have been offering from our trading platform only. Our services should never be treated as advice and then acted upon because we are information and service providers only.


Nobody is exempted from repercussions and disputes, and this condition applies to Elitefunds as well as the customer too. Both of us are responsible for our own actions.

Provision For Security

We can provide you with a password recovery option in case you have misplaced your login id or password or both at once. If you have compromised your password, then we cannot offer you security. You should immediately take the necessary steps to keep your account secured. We can help you by setting up a new password afresh.

Understanding Risk

None of the businesses in the world are risk-free, and hence CFD trading is also risky. But risks can be minimized, and in that, you can seek our help.

End of Use

These Terms and Conditions bind you that you shall not allow anyone to use our facilities and services without our permission. We can offer services only to our registered members and not third parties or nominees or friends or family members of the members.